Land Sense

We inspired the name of this collection by its texture , shapes and lines which reminds us of the natural land that never be touched and that’s way the beauty lies inside it . And this collection is Suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration because that its average thickness and its texture as we described before can appear in Specific configurations of light .

Jagged Texture

This collection is known by serrated texture between Intaglio and relief texture but not in deep thickness it's only superficially. This collection is richness and good for all the internal and external spaces.

Land Sense Slim

This collection has the same Formal Specifications for the last collection " land sense ", but with less thickness that’s why it's best to be used in interior spaces with limited spaces , and It also has lightweight . And there is a similarity between this collection and " land sense " collection , that Each template in them has several colors but as a light touches next to the basic color, so we can see as an example the gray color set with other colors as a light touch by brown or Dark gray color .

Strips Style

This collection has characterized by the simplicity , the Delicateness of design and the gradient in colors from dark to light and Divisions similar to traditional brick molds so it can be used in Villas , Buildings Facades and fences . It also ranged between the wide rectangular divisions and squares divisions While retaining the gradient in colors so it's adding a special kind of beauty to it especially the variety between Intaglio and relief texture .

Tiny Elegance

This collection is characterized by the smallness in size of templates , So it's almost to be in shape of the stripe and every stripe of this templates has a gradient in colors starts with the basic one. And this collection is the most The remarkable one as it's similar to mica stones which has been extracted from volcanic mountains and it's known by its solidity , strength and weather resistance In addition to its varied colors and beautiful shape. And it has a variety between Intaglio and relief texture in a random way that’s why this collection is good for internal spaces in fireplace and corners with architectural defects because it can be fixed by these cladding Especially with using suitable configurations of light.

Random Scale

The beauty lies inside this collection by its' randomness in the unit measure ,its' variety and homogeneity in the same space and it contains 4-5 Overlapping units . And it also can be used in Exterior cladding As Villas Facades and fences .